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Challenges of Mass Media HIV/AIDS Communication in Zimbabwe

February 21, 2020

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Mass media and HIV and AIDS communication have since been linked in literature. It is argued that mass media channels have been widely used around the world for HIV and AIDS education, and have thus far, been successful. Also, Zimbabwe is experiencing a gradual decline in HIV and AIDS prevalence, and statistical data indicates a 50% decline between 1998 and the present. Scholarly views attribute this decline to the effectiveness of mass media campaigns. This study therefore assesses the challenges encountered by mass media in disseminating HIV and AIDS information in Zimbabwe, focusing on outreach, acceptance, appeal, sustainability and continuance. It evaluates the role of mass media in improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in HIV and AIDS response through considering associated accomplishments and challenges. The analyses of the study indicate that, mass media are valuable tools for breaking the silence surrounding HIV and AIDS, and disseminating prevention information to wide audiences. These have an edutainment value that arouses audience’s interest, impart positive values and have lasting impressions. However, it is also indicated that, apart from the problem of inaccessibility by underprivileged audiences, mass media productions for HIV prevention are shrinking due to lack of sufficient funding. It is recommended that producers of HIV and AIDS information solicit for more sponsorship to ensure sustainable production of HIV and AIDS information. It is also recommended that interpersonal communication for HIV and AIDS prevention be used alongside mass media for the benefit of those who have no access to mass media.

Key Words: HIV, AIDS, Mass Media, Communication, Zimbabwe

*Clemenciana Mukenge is a Lecturer in the Linguistics Department, University of Zimbabwe.

AMCRON Journal of Communication and Media Research, Vol. 10, No. 2, October 2018:   68– 78


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